You've Tried Dieting (Time and Time Again!)

It's Time to DO IT THE RIGHT Way!

The Right Way is my Renowned

DO IT RIGHT Weight Loss Coaching Program!

Welcome To The Last Weight-Loss Program You'll Ever Need, Where You'll Get Everything To Manage Your Weight Without Dieting Ever Again!

This coaching program is for you if:

  • You've tried every damn diet out there.
  • You don't want to obsess about your weight anymore.
  • You want to make true sustainable change.
  • You want accountability and support.
  • You want new ideas, reminders, suggestions, and support.
  • You want personalized support, not just a one-size-fits-all plan.
  • You want to finally take action on making your weight goals happen!

If you found yourself nodding your head, thinking, “yep, that’s me,” as you read through this, my coaching program was designed JUST FOR YOU!



Dieting zaps all your confidence and your belief in your abilities. Now you can feel great, secure, and confident!


Dieting makes you still stuck and dependent. Feel the freedom you've always longed for!


Food will never have control over you's not longer a battle!


Yup, you will achieve true sustainable weight loss. Long-term. It's possible and doable!

The DO IT RIGHT Weight Loss Coaching Program is a revolutionary plan to help you manage your weight without dieting!

Who knew weight loss could be affordable and sustainable?!?


Hi, my name is Dr. Candice Seti and I am a world renowned eating and behavioral change expert, and the creator of the DO IT RIGHT Weight Loss Coaching program. I've carefully developed and tested this revolutionary non-diet program, which has been proven to deliver lasting results. Through guided steps you'll implement the simple behavioral and lifestyle changes to finally manage your weight properly. I'm gonna show you EXACTLY how to stop being a dieter while actually achieving the outcomes you've always wanted! And I say this as someone who's not only changed the lives of hundreds of clients, but also myself after a long-term battle with weight issues and trying every diet on the market. As I support you every step of the way, be assured I know first-hand what you're experiencing!

Here’s what’s included in the DO IT RIGHT Weight Loss Coaching Program: 

  • Weekly Video Modules You’ll receive a unique video module each week highlighting a new focus area, including information, tips, and ideas as well as lots of helpful examples. 
  • Weekly Office Hours You'll have direct access to me every week to answer your questions, discuss your direction, and check in on your progress. All the accountability you need to keep you going.
  • Monthly Review and Feedback Each month, I'll personally review your current steps and actions your taken and give you customized feedback on your progress and next steps to help ensure that you are always on track and moving forward.
  • Monthly ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Call (Optional) Each month, you can choose to have an optional one-on-one coaching call, either via video or phone, to focus on any area you'd like! We can focus on developing skills, problem-solving, or working through any barriers to overcome any obstacles that are in your way.  (Additional Fee)


My Easy-Peasy Healthy & Delicious Recipe Book!

Diets don't work and they are dangerous and damaging. That's why I've included this added bonus recipe book of 10 of my favorite healthy, delicious and easy-to-assemble recipes that you can easily incorporate into any meal plan or routine. They all include a host of wellness-focused ingredients, can be made in 30-minutes or less, and are individually customizable to fit your dietary needs. The recipe book is valued at $25, but its yours absolutely free just for joining!

Join me in the Coaching Program and get support, guidance, direction, and accountability!

Yes!  I Want In!

My life’s passion is helping people achieve the weight management success they've dreamed about.

So, I want my DO IT RIGHT Weight Loss Coaching Program to be accessible to YOU!  

That’s right—all of this for only $37 a month!  

NOW is the time for you to start making your life happen. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not New Year’s Day—today.  

Are you ready to change your life, achieve your dreams and make your weight loss goals truly happen?

Join my DO IT RIGHT Weight Loss Coaching Program Today!  

I Want In!

- Frequently Asked Questions - 

Q: WHAT WILL I GET OUT OF THIS PROGRAM? A: Control; confidence; security; self-esteem; feelings of capability and power; escape from the feeling of dependence on diets. You will learn to take control of your weight on your own using my easy-to-follow methods and techniques. You will lose weight permanently- not just another temporary diet. You will gain the understanding that you do have options and there are other ways besides dieting!  

Q: WHY SHOULD I DO THIS INSTEAD OF ONE OF THE WELL KNOWN DIET PROGRAMS OUT THERE? A: Because diets, by definition, are temporary! They don't work long-term. In fact, 98% of diets fail. And not only do people gain the weight back, but they often gain more! The point if this program is not to NEED a diet. To teach you how you can lose weight and maintain that weight loss without ever having to diet again!

Q: WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME? A: No problem, you can apply as much or as little time as you need! Ideally you are devoting just about 15 minutes a day. And you can work at your own pace so you can put in as much or as little time as you have each week.  

Q: WHEN WILL I GET MY GOODIES? A: As soon as you register you will receive a confirmation email with details about the program. The very next day you will receive your first video module with all of the details. So, you can start as soon as you want!

Q: HOW MUCH IS IT? A: This coaching program is a $500 monthly value but since I am at capacity for one-on-one work, I wanted to make this program available to everyone. That is why the program is being offered right now for only $37 a month! That includes all of the components of the program. Optional one-on-one coaching calls are extra.

Q: WHAT KIND OF COMMITMENT IS THIS? A: Other than being a commitment to your long-term health and wellness, there is no commitment here! Since you are billed monthly, you can easily cancel anytime without penalty. But I'm sure you won't want to! ;-)

Q: I WANT TO DO THE PROGRAM BUT I'M NOT SURE I CAN AFFORD IT! A: I feel so confident that you will believe this program is absolutely worth it! And it's less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day! It means actually getting to achieve what you want and never have to give up or go half way again!  

- Testimonials -

“Working with Dr. Seti opened my eyes up to everything! I’ve lost 57 lbs in total and I have kept it off for two and half years! Now I feel so confident and in control and I could not have done it without her program!” 

 - Denise 

“Dr. Seti outlines a fresh approach to weight loss that I am sure will resonate with readers as it did for me. ... It was a good reminder to listen to my body and my thinking! She provided easy to apply skills/tools to implement.”

 - Christina

“There's a lot of good stuff here - no more fads, just real life ways to make transitions that will make for a happier, healthier and more confident life.”

- Erin

My Money-Back Guarantee:  

I am so confident in this program that I stand behind it 100%! If you work through the first 10 weeks of the program and don’t have success, I will refund you every cent of your purchase!  

Now is the time. Because you are worth it. Because you should never have to go on a diet again. Because there IS another way. Because I've been there and I want to show you how to achieve true long-term success. You can do it.

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