CALLING ALL DIETERS: It’s time to escape the dieting trap forever!

Don’t even think of going on another diet until you’ve seen this! 

I ended my yoyo dieting cycles and lost all my weight for good---I've kept it off for 15 years now! Before that, I was always counting calories, gaining and losing weight, beating myself up for eating the 'wrong' foods, and hating the idea of stepping on the scale! Now, thanks to some simple and sustainable lifestyle changes, I no longer have these stresses. And now I'm offering you all of my secrets!!!

98% of dieters gain lost weight back—which can only mean one thing—diets don’t work to keep weight off permanently.  

You may be a yo-yo dieter if— 

  • You can lose weight but gain it all back—over and over. 
  • You have lots of ill-fitting (either too big or too small) clothes in your closet. 
  • Just thinking of stepping on the scale gives you anxiety—yet you feel powerless over it. 
  • You often find yourself thinking, “I need to exercise more,” or, “I need to stop eating fast food.” 
  • You constantly worry about “good” foods you should be eating and “bad” foods you should be avoiding. 
  • You think of food in terms of calories, points, macros, or other dieting terminology.  

If you found yourself nodding your head, thinking, “yep, that’s me,” as you read through the list above, you are not alone. 

Countless people suffer from the negative psychological effects of yo-yo dieting—but it doesn’t have to be that way for you, anymore. So let's STOP today!  

“Shatter the YoYo” is a revolutionary weight loss program developed by the world’s leading eating and behavioral change expert—but it’s not a diet. 

Imagine never having to diet again—not ever!  

Imagine finally being able to win the battle overeating that has plagued you for so long.  

Imagine the confidence of knowing you can say “yes” to foods you want to eat, and not feel guilty.  

Imagine being able to say “no” to eating and not feeling deprived.  

Imagine sustainable, lifelong weight loss.  

Imagine being able to wear the clothes you want to wear and feeling great about how you look—and ditching your old, 'fat' clothes forever!  

With the Shatter the YoYo Program, you won’t have to imagine because it will be your reality.  

Get The Program!

Hi, my name is Dr. Candice Seti, a.k.a., “The Weight Loss Therapist”—renowned eating and behavioral change expert. I am the author of the book, Shatter the YoYo and creator of the 12-week Shatter the YoYo program. I'm going to show you exactly what I did to lose my weight for good and how you can do EXACTLY the same thing and achieve the same success! This is NOT a diet; it's a way of life!

Shatter the YoYo is offered as an in-depth, 12-week program and is designed to completely change the way you think about weight loss, and give you the tools to permanently escape the "dieting trap."


You will create meaningful and permanent change in just 12 short weeks. You will gain control over food. I will show you how. Are you ready?  

Control; confidence; self-esteem; feelings of capability and power; an escape from the psychological ravages of yo-yo dieting, and of course, a way to lose weight permanently—all these things are possible with Shatter the YoYo.

Here’s what’s included in the Shatter the YoYo Program: 

  • 12 Weekly Modules - You’ll receive a unique module each week containing information, easy-to-follow worksheets, info on your focus area for the week, and lots of helpful examples  
  • Individualized Action Plan System - My signature process that ensures you can customize the program to meet your own needs and ensure you succeed at each step along the way. 
  • A Clear, Easy-to-Follow Process - Each module includes very clear directives that you will understand so you know exactly when you are ready to move on to the next step.
  • Flexible Timeline - This program works on your own timeline and at your own pace. Spend as much or as little time as you need on each module. 
  • Email Access to Me - I'm with you through the whole program, whether it be to answer questions, provide guidance, or just cheer you on! I'm accessible to you 100% throughout the program! 


Here's an overview of what you are going to get in each module:


Your goal may be to lose weight and/or end your dependence on diets, but that is your "What." In order to find your true motivation, you need to identify your "Whys." These are the things that truly drive you and motivate your weight loss efforts at a core level. I will guide you through the process of identifying these "whys" and using them to truly drive your focus and progress to acheive sustainable weight loss.


Once you find your true motivation, you need to keep it powerful and maintain your focus, and this comes through reinforcement. Most of us look externally to find that reinforcement, but it is something we can continually provide for ourselves! I'll help you develop this highly valuable skill to keep yourself continually reinforced on your journey to ensure you never lose that drive and keep yorself driven at every step!


Escaping the dieting trap for good, means letting go of all of your old dieting ideas. This includes your dieting language, behavior, and expectations. This is a fresh start and one that you want to maintain so I'm going to help you let go of the old! This module will help you shift your perspective in a healthy way to let go of your old dieting perspectives that were temporary and restriction-based, and embrace a new outlook that will move you forward.


For most of us, we are often last on our own priority list- after spouses, children, work, friends, household...everything. It's no wonder we are not able to commit to anything long-term! In order to make sustainable change and achieve lifelong weight loss, you need to make yourself a priority and I'll show you how to do that in a real and manageable way.


Just like our environment has a direct imact on our behavior, our kitchen environment has a direct impact on our eating behavior! So changing your kitchen environment can change your eating and your habits (ones you may not even be aware of!). Learn my simple and easy-to-implement strategies to make your kitchen become your ally in your weight loss efforts.


Most of us are equally impacted by eating issues OUTSIDE of the house as we are inside. So we need a plan of attack for the outside world; you know---parties, restaurants, special events, in-laws! Learn the 4 major external environment issues we face and my easy strategies to combat overeating in any of these situations. Then we will put together your own personal Action Plan that you can easily implement!


If you have a dieting history, you are most likely disconnected from feelings of hunger and fullness. Which means you use other things to cue you to eat or stop eating (time of day, others' behavior, portion sizes, access, etc). Part of creating a healthy relationship with food is about reconnecting with our body's signals and embracing both our hunger and our fullness. Learn how to easily recreate this connection and the simple steps you can use to to eliminate overeating behavior.


We have irrational thoughts all the time that guide our behavior. "I've blown my diet so I might as well keep going and start again on Monday." "I'm never going to succeed so why bother?" "I overate at the party tonight so now all my hard work is ruined!" Do these sound familiar? Discover how to identify these thoughts so that you can fight back and become more powerful against them and prevent irrrational thinking from impeding your weight loss!


Most of us completely lack mindfulness when it comes to eating. Eating is something we do on autopilot and don't really focus on. The problem here is that it prevents us from connecting with our food- from truly appreciating and enjoying all the smells and flavors associated with it. Regain your enjoyment of food while losing weight! Learn my simple mindful eating skills and how they can help you connect with your food, and remove cravings, urges, and out-of-control eating.


For experienced yo-yo dieters, a danger zone is a situation where we feel we have the least control, or feel our behavioral or emotional triggers cue us to eat, and often to overeat. In this module, you will learn the most common danger zones, learn how to identify yours, and develop your own personalized danger zone Action Plan that you can implement immediately to prevent these danger zones from ever being a problem again


You probably know that stress can be a serious trigger for overeating (comfort, distraction, etc.). But, you may not know that stress can actually cause your body to HOLD ON TO WEIGHT! Thanks to our tricky little stress hormone called cortisol. I'll guide you in learning how to deal with stress via a 2-pronged approach that is both proactive and reactive. Then I'll help you establish your customized stress management toolkit to prevent stress from impacting your weight.


Food prep is critical to helping you make good eating decisions. It is about making nutritious and delicious foods accessible and easy to use so you can make good choices anytime. In addition, focusing on REAL food, helps you take care of your body, mind, and spirit, in a way that you can truly appreciate! In this module you will learn the ABCs of food prepping, develop a personal food prep plan so you can easily lose weight and maintain that weight loss forever! 


At the end of the program, you will receive my foolproof system to ensuring you are able to maintain all of your successes and improvements indefinitely!

My life’s passion is helping people overcome their issues with food and weight loss just like I did on my own personal weight loss journey! So, I want my Shatter the YoYo program to be accessible to as many people as possible.  

That’s right—all of this for only $475.  

Now is the time for you to have weight loss success. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not New Year’s Day—today.  

My Money-Back Guarantee:  

I am so confident in this program that I stand behind it 100%! If you work through the whole program and don’t have success, I will refund you every cent of your purchase!  

Are you ready to change your life and achieve sustainable, lifelong weight loss without dieting? Purchase the Shatter the YoYo Program today, and start your journey to weight loss success.  

Get The Program Now for Only $475


As an added bonus, if you sign up for Shatter the YoYo today, you’ll get one FREE 30-minute coaching session with me! You can use this coaching session at any time during the program to focus on any area where you may need a little extra help.  

This is a $275 value, and it’s only available if you sign up today!  

Don’t go another day, another diet, without trying the Shatter the YoYo Program.  

Remember, Shatter the YoYo Program is not a diet! It’s a system for showing you how to change your behaviors and your thinking, so you can gain control over food, and achieve sustainable, lifelong weight loss.  

- Frequently Asked Questions - 

Q: WHAT WILL I GET OUT OF THIS PROGRAM? A: Control; confidence; security; self-esteem; feelings of capability and power; escape from the feeling of dependence on diets. You will learn to take control of your weight on your own using my easy-to-follow method. You will lose weight permanently- not just another temporary diet. You will gain the understanding that you do have options and there are other ways besides dieting!  

Q: AM I REALLY GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT DIETING? A: Absolutely! The steps in my program have been proven time and time again, and those who have followed and completed this program have achieved 100% success. Gaining control of your thoughts, behaviors, and aspects of your lifestyle that may reinforce overeating or mindlessness will completely change the game for you! You will be amazed how your behavior around food and eating will change so that you don’t ever have to worry about dieting again!  

Q: WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME? A: Shatter the YoYo will only require you to focus on yourself for just about 15 minutes a day. This program will make the difference between you claiming your independence from diets for good or staying caught in the miserable cycle of yo-yo dieting. You can complete the program at your own pace so you can put in as much or as little time as you have each week.  

Q: WHEN WILL I GET MY GOODIES? A: As soon as you register you will receive a confirmation email with details about your Shatter the YoYo program. From there, you will receive a new module by email every week. You do not necessarily need to move through each module on a weekly basis, but you will receive the info each week. You can start the module when you receive it, or simply wait until you complete the previous module.  

Q: I WANT TO DO THE PROGRAM BUT I'M NOT SURE I CAN AFFORD IT! A: This program is a commitment—both emotionally and financially—but it is worth it on both fronts as it will truly put an end your yo-yo dieting cycles and give you the freedom you have wanted for so long! It means never having to spend money on another diet or diet product ever again! How much would you say that’s worth? On top of all that, I offer a 100% money back guarantee so there is no risk. As I’ve said before, those who complete Shatter the YoYo have 100% success with weight loss and ending the cycle of yo-yo dieting forever. Now that’s what I call “priceless.”  

- Testimonials -

“I loved the workbook and the action items. They were easier to follow than I thought they would be… it was never all or none and you can move through them at your own pace.” 

 - Sandra 

“Working wiith Dr. Seti opened my eyes up to everything! I’ve lost 57 lbs in total and I have kept it off for two and half years! Now I feel so confident and in control and I could not have done it without her program!” 

 - Denise 

“Dr. Seti outlines a fresh approach to weight loss that I am sure will resonate with readers as it did for me. ... It was a good reminder to listen to my body and my thinking! She provided easy to apply skills/tools to implement.”

- Christina 

“There's a lot of good stuff here - no more fads, just real life ways to make transitions that will make for a happier, healthier and more confident life.”

- Erin