The Weight Loss Therapist introduces her exclusive Intensive 1-week In-Home Healthy Household Makeover!

A lot of households have the desire to be healthier. But where do you begin? That thought can be quite overwhelming---enough to keep you from doing anything! 

That is exactly why I've created this unique program. To give you the GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, and STRUCTURE you need to have a true Healthy Household!

By dedicating a week to your your family, I'll be able to help you navigate through the process of making your home healthier in a way you can maintain indefinitely!


Customized and Personal

Everything we do in our week together will be completely focused on you and your household. We will identify your personal needs and structure the week around those needs. 

minimum prep

Cooking, Shopping, and Fitness Planning

We will focus on all aspects of maintaining a healthy household, from grocery shopping, to food preparation and kitchen set-up. We will also include customized exercise planning. 

Ongoing Support for the Next Year

Our work together doesn't end after the week is up. We will be connecting once a month for the next year to review your progress, revisit your goals and do any necessary troubleshooting.

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Basically I will come spend a week working with you and your family to create and implement your personalized Healthy Household Makeover Plan!

 Throughout our week together, we will go through my uniqueeach step of my 10-point Healthy Household System to ensure that you end the week feeling capable and energized to continue your new helathy lifestyle. We will cover every apsect of a creating a healthy household, including grocery shopping, meal prep and cooking, exercise, stress management, self-care, and future planning. AND since th program is 100% customized to you, we will spend most on our time on the areas you need to fucus on the most. So we are really making YOUR HOME HEALTHY!

This program is not for everyone. You need to be really committed to making change and working through this process with me. And I only accept 10 clients each year into this program. So, if you are interested, the next step is to fill out and application and schedule a review call with me. If you are a good fit, we can talk more in-depth about your family's needs!


  • Are you going to come into my house and change everything?

Not necessarily. Because this program is customized to you, we will only focus on the areas you want. So, if you want to change everything, we can! But if you only want to focus on smaller changes, we can do that as well. We will change whatever you want to change!

  • I have to work. I can't take the whole week off! How will this work?

This is YOUR week, so we will work around your schedule however it makes sense. Whenever you are available is when we will work- mornings afternoons, evenings, whatever! Ideally we will have a minimum of 2 hours a day together, but it is up to you!

  • My husband/wife doesn't want to participate. Will it still work?

Obviously, it would be best if everyone in the household could participate, but it is not necessary. If you are the primary house caretaker (responsible for shopping, cooking, schedules, household tasks, etc) then it would still be incredibly beneficial to go through the program on your own. 

  • Is this really worth spending time/money on?

Only if your health and the health of your household is a priority to you. This program will set you up for a lifetime of healthy changes for yourself and your family and there is no pricetag you can put on that! Any time you put into the program in our week together will be well worth it!

  • What happens when the week is over?

After our week together concludes, I will leave you with a full, defined action plan to maintain yor healthy focus and keep implementing healthy changes. I will also leave you with numerous tools, checklists, planners, and guidelines so you will always have them for reference. In addition, you will receive lots of delicious and healthy recipes and fitness programs that you can use indefinitely. Finally, we will schedule a monthly call or Skype to touch base, and troubleshoot as needed. 

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