Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching Program

Are You Struggling to Lose Weight, Maintain Weight Loss or Get Healthier? Do You Wish You had More Support, Direction, and/or Accountability?

Introducing my NEW Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching Program!

Join my Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching Program Today and Get Everything You Need to Succeed!

This coaching program is for you if:

  • You are sick of diets and restriction.
  • You want a wellness, lifestyle, and fitness plan that you can feel good about long-term.
  • You want accountability and support.
  • You don't want to yo-yo diet ever again!
  • You want new ideas, recipes, workouts, and tips.
  • You want personalized support, not just a one-size-fits-all plan.
  • You want to look better, feel better, and BE better!

If you found yourself nodding your head, thinking, “yep, that’s me,” as you read through the list above, my coaching program was designed JUST FOR YOU!

The Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching Program is a revolutionary new plan developed by the world’s leading eating and behavioral change expert—but it’s not a diet- it's a lifestyle!

Hi, my name is Dr. Candice Seti, a.k.a., “The Weight Loss Therapist”—renowned eating and behavioral change expert. I am the creator of the Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching program. In this program, I will teach you exactly what I did to lose my weight for good and to truly start living a healthy lifestyle. AND I'm gonna show you how you can do EXACTLY the same thing and achieve the same success! I will be with you 100% of the way to help you achieve your goals in a long-term, sustainable way. This is NOT a diet; it's a way of life!

Here’s what’s included in the Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching Program: 

  • Weekly Video Modules You’ll receive a unique video module each week highlighting a new focus area, including information, tips, and ideas as well as lots of helpful examples. 
  • Weekly Recipes Each week, you'll receive a new healthy and delicious recipe that's easy to prepare, lends itself well to being prepped ahead of time and offers you tons of nutrition AND flavor. (What a concept!)
  • Weekly Food Log Feedback Each week, I'll review your food log and give you personalized feedback on improvements you can make in meal choices, meal timing, macronutrients, and bevahioral changes that impact your relationship with food, emotional eating, and social eating behaviors.
  • Monthly ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Call Each month, we will have a one-on-one coaching call, either via video or phone, to focus on any area you'd like! We can focus on developing skills, problem-solving, or working through any barriers or overcome any obstacles that are in your way.
  • Monthly Workout Programs Each month, you will receive a brand new workout program that you can use that month. It will include several different workouts that you will cycle through each week to help you build strength and endurance, burn fat, lose weight, and feel amazing!
  • Private Online Support Group Join myself and all of your coaching program peers in our private support group. Share efforts, recipes, workouts, successes and learn from each other and share in each other's wins. Of course, I will be there each day to provide ideas, support, encouragement, and maybe even introduce some fun challenges!  

Join me in the Coaching Program and get support, guidance, direction, and accountability!

YES!  I Want To Be A Part Of The Coaching Program!

My life’s passion is helping people overcome their issues with food and weight loss just like I did on my own personal weight loss journey! So, I want my Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching Program to be accessible to YOU!  

That’s right—all of this for only $97 a month!  

NOW is the time for you to achieve your weight loss & wellness. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not New Year’s Day—today.  

Are you ready to change your life and achieve sustainable, lifelong weight loss and wellness without dieting? Subscribe to the Weight Loss and Wellness Coaching Program Today!  

Remember, the Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching Program is not a diet! It’s a lifestyle program to help you achieve your goals with food, weight, fitness, and health!  

- Frequently Asked Questions - 

Q: WHAT WILL I GET OUT OF THIS PROGRAM? A: Control, confidence, strength, support, guidance, accountability, self-esteem, feelings of capability and power, escape from the feeling of dependence on diets. You will work directly with me to create a healthier, happier lifestyle that you can maintain long-term. No dieting, no restriction, just health and wellness!

Q: WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME? A: No problem, you can apply as much or as little time as you need! Ideally you are devoting just about 15 minutes a day. And you can work at your own pace so you can put in as much or as little time as you have each week.  

Q: WHEN WILL I GET MY GOODIES? A: As soon as you register you will receive a confirmation email with details about the program. The very next day you will receive your first video module, recipe, AND workout. So, you can start as soon as you want!

Q: HOW MUCH IS IT? A: This coaching program is a $900 monthly value and is being offered right now for only $97 a month! That includes all of the components of the program PLUS the one-on-one monthly coaching call with me! Plus, since you are billed monthly, you can cancel anytime. But I'm sure you won't want to! ;-)

Q: I WANT TO DO THE PROGRAM BUT I'M NOT SURE I CAN AFFORD IT! A: I feel so confident that you will believe this program is absolutely worth it! And it's less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day! It means never having to spend money on another diet or diet product ever again! How much would you say that’s worth?  

- Testimonials -

“I love working with Dr. Seti! She has helped me identify my roadblocks and move through them in a way that never felt overwhelming. I'm so totally happy with all the positive changes I've made!” 

 - Rachel 

“I love that Dr. Seti's coaching is focused on overall wellness. I've had so much success with her in my weight loss but it doesn't feel temporary or diet-y...it feels real and legit!” 

 - Amy

“I have always been on and off diets and I hate the restrction which is why I always end up going off them. Dr. Seti has taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food so I can eat what I want without feeling deprived ever!”

- James 

“Working with Dr. Seti has been eye-opening for me. I've changed so much about myself, my behavior, and my eating and it never felt hard. She presented everything in way that it felt possible and IT IS POSSIBLE”

- Jesse

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