Say Goodbye to Stressing Over Your Never-Ending Weight Loss Journey

End the dieting restriction and frustration, and let your behavior create your healthy life!


The impossible beauty standards set in place by society – seen all over social media, tv commercials, and billboards – promote sculpted abs, slim hips, and unrealistic bodies. They set us up to feel like we need to diet to become…someone else.

These same standards constantly push us to try extreme methods with the hope of rapid and drastic results. The actual result? We develop an incredibly unhealthy body image and end up with self-esteem issues or, in some cases, even bigger problems like anxiety and depression.

So, let me ask you: Does this sound like you?

  • You commit to losing weight.
  • You work out every day and eat only protein and veggies.
  • You give it all you’ve got hoping to be satisfied with your body.
  • After 3 or 4 weeks, you don't see enough change to keep going, so.....


You spend hours and hours on the internet, reading blogs, watching videos, searching for the secret to success. What do other people do in the same situation? Diet, of course!

You find out how important nutrition is and how big of a role the food we eat plays in the process of weight loss. Exercise on its own simply isn’t enough. Next, you decide to implement a diet plan to boost your weight loss and help you see some real results at last.

All diets promise to deliver one thing: Immediate results that will transform your life in no time.

How could so many diet plans all ensure the same outcome when they contradict each other and themselves?

And then why are there so many of them?!?!

You tell yourself it’s worth a shot anyway and pick a diet that seems promising and manageable. But the cycle keeps repeating: Unsatisfied with your results, you try out every diet imaginable - keto, grapefruit, military, and everything in between - just to be able to finally lose the weight…
But none of the conventional or fad diets make that genuinely significant difference you long for.

This is exactly where most people trying to lose weight get stuck:

They think that a weight-loss plan or diet that worked for a few random people on the internet (with completely different bodies!) will work for them when, in fact, the way our bodies burn fat is completely unique to us...just like our fingerprints!

Your life changes when you stop viewing weight loss as a temporary, one-time change and start seeing it as a permanent overhaul in habits and lifestyle choices instead.

It’s not YOUR fault! What you’ve been told all along is what is wrong.

Dieting imposes drastic changes in eating that the average person can find it difficult to commit to. Compounding the problem, you not only have a poor self-image; you also learn that enjoying good food isn’t allowed and that you should be completely deprived of having the foods and treats you enjoy!

So what exactly does a Healthy Relationship with Food look like, and why should you steer clear of traditional diet plans to find something that works best for YOU and YOUR body?

So how someone can even have a relationship with food? Think about what a relationship actually is: a connection or interrelatedness between two or more people or things.

When you look at it this way, EVERYBODY has a relationship of some kind with the things they eat!

Whether you are trying to control yourself during meals, you love cooking and preparing food, or you altogether dread the thought of eating simply because you are forcing yourself not to eat what you love…

YOU are in a relationship with your food.

And as in any relationship, if something is not working right or is downright toxic for your mindset, you need to address it to help you eliminate feelings of shame, anxiety, or regret.

This toxic relationship is the very root cause of your failures at maintaining weight loss: losing weight isn’t about stressing over a workout routine or saying goodbye to your favorite meals. A healthy weight-loss journey that ACTUALLY delivers results starts with fixing your relationship with food.

The internet diets you come across won’t talk about or help with the psychological aspect of eating. So, where do you get started?

The answer is behavioral change.

Weight gain and obesity result from years of being in an unhealthy relationship with food – forming toxic food habits that damage you both mentally and physically.

This is exactly why thinking you can transform yourself with a 30-day diet plan is nowhere near realistic… and why you should start thinking about permanent, sustainable changes to your complete lifestyle that will grant you a healthier, lighter future instead!

Wondering where to start?

Let me introduce you to Behave Away Obesity!

Hi, I’m Dr. Candice Seti, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Weight Management Specialist, and Certified Expert Life Coach. I’ve developed a method that focuses on how you can completely change your eating habits and behaviors to achieve a healthier relationship with the food and eventually get to the weight and shape of your dreams!

My approach consists of a 7-week journey broken into easy steps. Each week, one new video module dives into the psychology of weight loss and tackles the deeper roots of obesity and excess weight gain. I’ll walk you through easy-to-implement changes you can make to take control of your body and your self-image. Worksheets and email support keep you on track and empowered on your journey toward healthier you.

My program includes simple yet incredibly effective changes you can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. They can be applied to the environment you spend most of your time in to steer your life toward a healthier, happier place.

Simple Changes. Big Results.


Physical Health

Lose Weight, feel great, develop better self care and feel healthier and more capable than you ever have.


Mental Health & Research

Develop a healthier relationship with food and your body, and lower stress and your anxiety around food, eating, and your body.



Develop a better self-image and more confidence in yourself and your ability to take care of yourself and manage your weight.



Finally feel free from the back and forth of dieting and restriction and feel capable and in control for good!

Here's all the value you will find in my program:

Kitchen Setup

Start with the place you make and store your food. Learn how changing your kitchen layout can drastically influence your eating behaviors.

Mealtime Makeover

Discover how you can strategically change the way you plan, purchase, or serve your meals. Consume less food without feeling deprived or starved.

Mindful Eating

Quit mindlessly binge eating. You can feel full and still allow yourself to fully enjoy every bite of your favorite foods without overeating!

External Environment

Implement a personalized plan tailored around the external triggers that cause you to overeat. Think about the impact of nights out, family gatherings, and dining at your friend’s house and address them once and for all.

Food Prep

Learn how you can make healthier foods more available in advance with better planning. After all, the food you have on hand is what you usually end up eating.

Stress Management

Build a deeper understanding of the connection between stress, cravings, and comfort food. Then fight back with a personalized preventative stress management plan to always feel your best!


Explore the benefits of physiological, environmental, and behavioral self-care and strategies for developing your own personal self-care plan. You might be surprised how closely these relate to weight management.

With this program, you can say goodbye to strict diet plans, strange pills, counting calories, and feeling starved and exhausted all the time. All that for a one-time purchase of $179.....There's no better bargain out there!

But it doesn't end here!

By enrolling in my program, you will receive my recipe book that includes 16 delicious, healthy, and easy-to-make recipes to kickstart your weight-loss journey the right way… AS A COMPLETELY FREE BONUS!

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