What if you could melt away the tension between you and your picky eater, breathe in some relief, and simply enjoy your connection?  

If you are like most parents with a picky eater, you are READY. Like, yesterday.  

The constant nagging. The upturned plates. The narrow diet. The begging and bribing. The frustrated yelling...  

The powerlessness you feel because you don’t want to force or threaten your young child to eat, but it's also your responsibility to provide them nutrients and keep them healthy!  

Mealtimes happen three times a day (or more), so you’re faced with this challenge A LOT.  

I hear you. You’re irritated. At a loss. Wishing your child would just listen to you and eat what you provide.  

I’m here tohelp melt away that stress and tension. Yes, even for YOUR family! Hang in there - I got you.  

I’ve developed a powerful and FUN 21-DAY FIX to help you undo your picky eating power struggle and EMPOWER you get the perspective, tools, and support you need.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Candice Seti.

I've worked with thousands of clients to transform their relationships with dieting, exercise, weight loss, and weight gain.

One incredibly common complaint I hear is from parents whose children will not eat a variety of foods. This program is for YOU, dear parent!

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Weight Management Specialist, and Certified Expert Life Coach - ready to help your family breakthrough.

You are getting my tried and true system for transforming your picky eater AND your mealtime culture. You deserve this shift in your home.

What You'll Get from The 21-Day Picky Eater Fix:  

>> A Refreshing Approach to Helping Your Child <<

>> 21 Days to Undo the Knot of Tension <<

>> **BONUS** Support <<

With This Program You Will...

  • Gain knowledge about the human digestive system of your child (and what it needs) 
  • Realize that pressuring your child isn’t working (like, for real, you can let that go) 
  • Adopt new activities and games to brighten up the mood around mealtimes 
  • Involve your child in shopping, cooking, and meal choices 
  • Let go of your expectations and embrace WHAT WORKS for your child 
  • Make happiness, comfort, and connection a priority 
  • Learn how to teach by example 
  • Set your mind at ease as you trust in the new paradigm you created 


Sometimes you’re too entangled to find your own way out.

The 21-Day Picky Eater Fix will walk you through 21 days of creative experiential activities to implement around and related to mealtimes. 

This is an opportunity to say goodbye to the frustration and welcome in play and fun...  

Afterall, you are trying support a child, and play is what children love best!  


(I want you to SUCCEED so I'm giving you all I got!)

  1) Printable Weekly Guide Post the program on your fridge, tell your family about the new plan, and make it an adventure you’re all a part of.  

2) Recipes, Food Suggestions, Meal Ideas, and Vitamin Recommendations Abundant support is available to help you and your family on your journey! - Eight specially selected recipes to support picky eaters to LOVE new foods. - Vitamin recs so you can be assured your child is getting what she needs while you begin to have FUN around the dining table again!  

Imagine 2 Paths Forward. Laughter, Lightness, and Ease VS The Same Old Dynamic Which One Will You Choose?  

7 Reasons to Give Yourself The 21-Day Picky Eater Fix:

  • Getting help when you need it is a sign of strength and love.
  • Investing in yourself DIRECTLY impacts your family - when you lighten up everyone will follow suit! 
  • Your picky eater needs your help. She’s struggling and wants you in close during her difficulty. 
  • You’re the BEST resource for your child which means you need resources to do your job well. 
  • This is a DONE-FOR-YOU program. Open and Go. No more researching how to change your child.  
  • These next 3 weeks are going to pave the way for long-term healthy and happy eating! 
  • You DESERVE peace and joy in your home - right now.  

You Are in the Right Place.

Are you ready?! 

Hit the button below to purchase and download your 21-Day Picky Eater Fix TODAY. ONLY $97 for your transformation.

Still have questions? Send me an email.  

I know this program works. I want this for your family!  

My mission is to support humans of all ages around their health and fitness. We deserve vibrant joyful health. 

This is possible for all of us - even your picky eater!